Human achievement over the last century as been great. We, as a species, have grown to thrive in the face of adversity, and ultimately benefit from this trait through ingenuity and the will power to succeed. One of the most profound yet simple concepts taken to manifestation in terms of modern technology is that of the internet. The stories read in this publication today could not have been brought to you today were it not for the research conducted on the internet, and indeed its possible that some of the events I’ve written articles about for this issue could not even have occurred were it not for the internet. For instance consider the Tribes 2 anniversary tournament which is held entirely online, all of the organization and communication for which also occurring online. During an interview with friend and local studio producer Newt, mentions “Google is your friend” referring to the ease of research when trying to purchase new gear, implying that the search engine is an invaluable tool in information gathering. When I spoke with veteran studio musician Mike Rieman, during our interview even he alluded to the future prominence social media will have on the music industry of the future. But the internet has had more role in human development then making a few minor tasks more simple, or for entertainment of the video gaming masses, the effect its having on the world community has been striking and proving impossible to ignore.

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In society today it’s easy to be swept up in the many different things that take up our time in daily life. New technology for instance comes and goes so rapidly sometimes that it may soon be easy to forget a time in which people received a tape to listen to a favorite bands new demo, and had to press the fast-forward button to get to the good songs. From this lens it is easy to foresee a time when future generations may not be able to conceptualize immediately what it means to not have the internet, similar to generations of people today who may feel the same way about having household telephones, microwave popcorn, or cable television. One thing in particular that the internet is especially good at doing is spreading information around making it widely available to the general public, and so there is a certain irony that more attention hasn’t been received by the historic conclusion of another major modern technology quickly approaching its end: the American space shuttle Endeavour.

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They make sure their headsets are working, assign the assault strategies, review practiced defensive positions, adjust their gun inventories, check their reticles for accuracy, and these warriors are ready for battle, but perhaps not before grabbing a bag of doritos: this is the world of competitive online gaming. Tribes 2 (T2) is a  competitive online-only shooter style video game played in the first person, as if each player was controlling his or her avatar in a virtual environment, this is where simulated warfare can take place.

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Modern Recording


The music industry of today is an incredibly vast environment in which to conduct business. Complexities involved with massing the necessary equipment and designing the proper sound proofing for a recording room itself are major undertakings to start a studio for instance, but these things are only the beginning. In fact, to be successful modern recording studios must be equipped with more than just the newest technologies and hottest acts, they also require engineers and producers who are constantly growing their musical knowledge base and expanding their understanding of how to make music work on the computer screen. This is because recently the music industry, like many other contemporary industries, has had to adapt from old analogue style set-ups, to newer more complicated digital based systems (DAWs, acronym for Digital Audio Workstations). With the advent of such digital based systems, compounded by the information spread provided on the internet, once proud elite professional studios are in some ways forced to compete with newer amateur home studios while massive revenue loss due to internet downloading affects them as well, and as a result, the metaphysical playing field for the consumer’s ear has never been more accessible.

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Today I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Rieman, studio musician, and one time stage manager for none other then artist Rick James. Mike took the time to talk to me a little about his experiance with the music industry, professional recording, and gives some insight for new musicians and would be producers of the next generation. I also have the chance to ask him about some of the pitfalls of a typical recording session, and Mike gives his oppinion on the necessities of a solid education to serve as foundation for a sucessful career.

To download the interview in .mp3 format please follow this link

The other day I found myself once again discussing the most interesting game I’ve never played, Tribes 2, with my room mate JT. He has been playing T2 for the last ten years both competitively and just for fun, and so it was interesting to get his take on the state of his favorite game as well as get some insight on what makes an online community work. We discuss the game play, as well as some of the finer points on the different game strategies, and he also tells me about some of his Tribes 2 experiences. JT explains to me how the community grew the idea of a “Ten Year Anniversary Tournament” to celebrate their collective love of T2 after ten years of game play, how the community resurrected the game after the original developers pulled the plug, and how the flow of the game may resemble the sport of hockey rather then a violent firefight.

A link to download the interview (.mp3 format) can be found here

Buffalo NY- Local school board candidates were hard at work on the campaign trail Tuesday night as they debated amongst themselves at the Lenoir Retirement Community Center. Topics covered during the meeting included year round schooling, teacher unionization rights, as well as some discussion about what each candidate will focus on if elected. Candidate Henry Lane presented the idea of year round schooling as a potential way to combat over-crowded classrooms, he said that “multitracking” student schedules would reduce the number of pupils in daily attendance by 25 percent. Elton Fay, the current President of the board who is also running in the race, retorted calling these measures impractical. Mr. Fay went on to say that by extending the school year new build construction costs could be prevented, but the additional cost of keeping the school open “would go up substantially.” Incumbant candidate Kerry Corino explained the school over crowding was because of  rapid population growth. She said that unlike private schools, public schools must accept all students who apply, and so are stuck with the burden of accommodating these students regardless of whether a new building was constructed or not. One senior citizen inquired about the potential for teachers to unionize, but Mr. Fay pointed out that teachers in the state, by law, cannot bargain collectively, and Ms. Corino also added that the teachers themselves are generally anti-union anyway.

The universe of cell phones can be a confusing and disorienting place, especially if you’re someone like me who doesn’t keep up with the current trends in phone technology. Recently I had the unfortunate luck to lose my Blackberry Curve smart phone, and despite the insurance coverage which would have provided a new one, I opted to get a phone second-hand from a friend. I found that the Blackberry trackball system was cumbersome to navigate at times, and also the web apps weren’t always as user-friendly as the could have been so I decided to take this opportunity to switch into a touch screen based phone. After explaining some of my likes and dislikes about the lost Blackberry, my friend recommended that I try out this Samsung Instinct.

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Interview with Newt


Last night I sat down with up and coming recording engineer/producer Shawn Egressy (who i know as Newt). Here is a link to download that interview:

questions for class


1) Which side do you fall on for the WikiLeaks debate? Was Assange right to post the information that he did?  Is it free speech or does it hurt us? What are your thoughts/reactions to the Buffalo News article?]

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